Construction Deliveries: it’s all about Timing

If you have ever been on a job site there is one thing that is almost always constant, at least with successful Construction Companies that know what they are doing. If the guys are on the job site then the materials are on the job site, plain and simple. That is the only way for successful construction jobs work. You can’t work if you don’t have materials, and if you do have materials than what you have is a section of your schedule that is in a “waiting phase”, which I call the gray zone, because if you know anything about anything in this business it’s this. You never know when the materials are going to get delivered 100%. There are just too many variables that come into play, so when it comes to scheduling, you’re forced to schedule around that gray zone instead of filling it in with work.

Why Delivery?

When it comes to getting materials for a construction job delivered, there are a couple things that come in to play. First and foremost, you must figure out what material you need and how much of it that you need as well. This will determine whether or not you’ll need any materials delivered onsite. The reason is that materials come all shapes and sizes, and some materials just can’t fit on a truck, so they need to be delivered from a flatbed truck. Now, sometimes the parameters change from company to company, and if you’re in the Connecticut area, a quick search of construction material delivery hartford county ct will show exactly who offers what in the delivery service field.

The Details of Construction Deliveries:

A smart contractor knows the importance of a smart delivery. What I mean when I say a smart deliver is this. Some materials can’t stay onsite, unused, for a certain period of time. Other materials have to get delivered on site a certain amount of days prior to the start date of that project, for reasons like acclamation etc. Also, with many general contractors, most of the time they are sub-contracting out their work in different phases. So, for each sub-contractor/trade, there need to be certain materials on site. So, the whole concept of material delivery in the construction field is a lot more complicated than it appears. A successful contractor, you’ll find is always good at scheduling their subs and deliveries. They know the importance of time and timing, because for them, time is money, and for a business owner you learn to value not just your time but the time of people that you do business with.

So, when it comes to deciding whether or not you need a delivery of materials to a job site or not, take your time and go through your project and the different phases of it, and figure out who you’re going to use for each trade, and what materials that you’re going to use. This will force you to think about the factors that determine if and when you’ll need a delivery. It will be worth it.