Halloween costumes – Going back to the History to create More Mystery

One of the best ways to create more mystery with your Halloween costumes is to get back to the history of Halloween.

The Halloween festival comes up on October 31. One of the earliest pointers that people wore costumes during Halloween can be traced back to Scotland in 1585. A lot of references to this festival or custom still points to the Celtic countries such as Scotland, Mann, Ireland and Wales in the 18th and 19th century.

According to some other records, Halloween emanates from the practice of ‘souling’ in the course of the observance of Allhallotide, or from the Celtic custom/ festivals of ‘Samhain and Calan Gaeaf’.

The Basis of Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are traditionally based on scary folkloric or supernatural beings. But, from the 1930s, costumes for Halloween became more driven to mass media characters – movie stars, TV series characters and more. In those days, young people were seen with Halloween dresses more than adults; but this changed from the mid-20th century when adults became more involved in costumes for Halloween.

Putting on costumes during Halloween could be traced from the belief that the souls of the dead or supernatural beings move around the planet earth during this season. As said earlier, the practice is traced to a Celtic festival that takes place on October 31 through November 1, as a mark of the beginning of winter.

In Ireland, Calan Gaeaf in Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Scotland, the festival was known as Samhain. According to some beliefs, Halloween may have pre-Christian roots, while most people doubt the possibility since the custom does not reflect Christianity and biblical doctrines.

There’s more to learn about the history of Halloween, but you can generate Halloween costumes ideas from this brief history.