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How to Deal with Babies and Separation Anxiety

Going back to work is something that will happen sooner or later after you have spend some months on giving birth and taking care of your new born. And when this happens, baby stays with someone else, perhaps, a friend, your mother, or a relative. Your husband might also have to go to work away from home and so he can’t be there for baby either. There will be some of our friends and relatives who could consider it a delight to be able to care for your baby. It is good to have someone take care of your baby when you are not there, but the baby can suffer from separation anxiety from your absence.

Below are some of the ways parents can help their children avoid separation anxiety.

Don’t leave your baby to someone who is a stranger to him. If you leave him with someone familiar then it can help reduce their anxierty. The problem can be handled if he is left with a relative or a friend. Leaving him with a babysitter is like leaving him with a stranger. To solve this problem, introduce your baby to the sitter when you are and your husband are at home. In this way, the babysitter will no longer be a stranger to your baby.

Something that can comfort the baby can be left with him when you go. The baby blanket or his t-shirt can calm him when he gets anxious. A favorite soft toy can help comfort a baby. You can also buy baby muslin wraps that can help the baby relax when they are wrapped in them. Leave this items to the babysitter so she can use them to comfort your baby when necessary. They can sleep quicker if the item is placed beside them in their cot.

If you are going to leave them in another home, get them time to adjust and be comfortable in the place. Don’t go out immediately but stay for about a half hour before going. With this, they will get to know the people who will be staying with them.

Sneaking away when the baby is not watching is not a good idea. It is important that you let your baby know that you are about to leave, then say good bye to make him know that you are already leaving. This will not make them get distressed when they finally realize that you are no longer there.

It might take a while before your baby come overcome separation anxiety so it pays to be patient with your child. Don’t forget to try the tips given above so that when you leave your baby with a sitter or with a friend or family, you will feel a lot more relaxed when you go out of the house to work.

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