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Say the Magic Words: Hydroponics Gardening

You must have heard your science teacher say something on what plants needed to grow. To your recollection they only mentioned three that is water , oxygen and light . There was no mention of soil as far as you could remember. Plants as far as you knew always grew on soil and you asked for clarifications on why soil didn’t count. They might have pointed out what a good question it was and that they would provide an answer only for both of you to forget and just like that it was history. Though it was a while ago you definitely deserve to have your question answered. Allow me to walk you through hydroponics growing.

This type of gardening is basically soil-less. If you have water, oxygen, light and nutrients then you are good to go. Instead of soil substitutes suck as rock wool, sands , gravel and vermiculite can be used. If you have a porous container for the purposes of good drainage that will do nicely. If indoor garden rocks your boat then you will find sodium bulbs very resourceful as far as light required is concerned. If you figure out which hydroponic growing suits which kind of plants then you are bound to enjoy the ride.

So why the campaign for hydroponics that may be what you are interested in. if thirty to fifty percent growth rate of plants in hydroponics as compared to plants doesn’t faze you ,I don’t know what will. The root system is spared the hustle of searching for nutrients allowing for efficient growth. This aids the plant to concentrate in growing upwards as it should as opposed to the root. You can say goodbye to pest, bugs and diseases on this one because the conditions for such microorganisms to exist are not provided for. The yield you are likely to get is significantly higher and much more healthier since use of pesticides is reduced significantly. Stress on issues like not having land and having your top layer eroded become null and void.

If you have always wanted to practice gardening because you enjoy it then hydroponics is handing you that chance. Not only will you be enjoying organic plants that you’ve planted on your own but also year in year out growth. It could be a way of bringing your family together as you take on the quest to care for the garden. If you are going into gardening without prior experience then hydroponics growing will certainly help cushion you from some of the many disappointments that you would have had to face with soil. If you have always dreamt of healthy looking, mouth watering , full figured plants then hydroponics gardening will make it a reality.