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Couple’s Manual to a Happy Relationship.

Finally your relationship has reached that stage of moving into the same house with your spouse. Couples later come to know that they will have to start living differently from when they lived as individuals. You are now sharing the house with another person, and you have to adapt to this. You will have to involve your partner now when making decisions. This bound to cause problem s between you two. Some of the things make young couple fight are.

Losing of interest your spouse and getting easily annoyed by them. The romance of the relationship begins to die. Before you used to long meeting your spouse when they were away from you. Early days of moving in together couples lose interest in their partners. Also you get easily annoyed by your spouse remarks on almost everything.

Your house expenses increase especially if your partner is dependent on you. Couples house expenses going growing as they form a family by having kids. Many couples moving in without sharing the responsibilities of bearing the different cost. In many cultures it is the responsibility of the husband to provide for his family without being concerned with the wife’s income.
You fight more frequently than when you were dating. During courtship people tend not to display their negative habits and emotions. Making they fight more regularly. Household roles and responsibilities may also lead to arguments. It is usually not clear on who should do a given house task. Couples are often advised to do chores together as this helps them to bond. In addition to the above some people may argue over house accessories for example furniture.
Before rushing to a marriage therapist couples may try the following solutions.

Young couples are encouraged to be absent for some time from their spouse. Instead they should spend more time with their friends and family members. This will result in them missing each other.

Young couples should learn to become better communicators. Poor communication has been describing to be a key cause of arguments. Couples with better communication tends to fifth less often. Listening skills is an important communication skill for all couples. Couples should also be patient with each other in the relationship.

It is difficult to ensure satisfaction in a relationship. This seen by the recent high number of marriage break ups. Before settling in together is essential to know that the future is not guaranteed to be easy. Learn to focus on your spouse good things and to know that it is hard for them as it is for you. This will help them overcome life challenges and live a satisfactory marriage.