The Importance of Having Insurance

Insurance is an optional saving grace that we purchase but hope we don’t need. In some cases, we opt not to get the insurance and we pay for it later. Especially if refusing the insurance only gave us minimal savings. We don’t fully appreciate insurance until something happens and we wind up using it. Insurance is important because it covers us or our property in the event of any mishaps. Things we use insurance to gain protection from include accidents, natural disasters, and theft.


When we think about accidents and insurance we automatically think about cars. Car accidents are the most common reason you need insurance on your vehicle. However, car accidents don’t always limit themselves to other cars. Sometimes cars run into businesses or even people sitting at bus stations. We need health insurance to cover ourselves in the event of any random emergency and we need car insurance to cover us in the event of any random event on the road that either makes us cause damage to something or has something cause damage to us. When I need insurance, I search for auto insurance Michigan City IN.

Natural Disasters

As crazy as the storm seasons have been over the past few years I’m thinking everyone that can afford insurance is signing up for it. We need to insure our businesses and homes to protect them from floods, debris, brush fires and wind damage. There are so many times I see a total loss of a building on the news and I can’t help but wonder if the person had insurance. It’s a tough call. If insurance is not a requirement it really is not an expense you want to pay out, but unfortunately, we need it. We never know when something is going to happen that can cause way more damage than anticipated. We need to be ready, with our personal or business items documented and protected.


It doesn’t matter where your business or home is located. The safety of your property is important, and it needs to be protected from theft. I’ve seen air conditioning units taken as well as other business owned valuables that probably were not insured. We need to insure the extremely valuable possessions that we have and when we’re purchasing the other insurances, even if it’s only coverage for a small amount of theft, we should add it on our policy just in case.


We can never be too comfortable doing business or caring for our homes without the proper insurance coverage. We have to make the sacrifice to keep our investments safe from any potential dangers, as farfetched as they may be. If the coverage exists that means you’re probably at risk for it. We typically get insurance to protect us from accidents, natural disasters and theft, but I’m sure there are other reasons to get insured not mentioned here. Take care of yourself and your assets by getting the insurance coverage you need.