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Horse Gifts for a New Equestrian

Buying a horse is fun for any first-timer, but it can be nerve-wracking too. Even with all the expert horse-buying tips available, the process can still be an emotional rollercoaster. But when the perfect horse finally comes around, things will fall into place. Of course, when this happens, there must be a celebration – with gifts!

If a friend or family member has just bought their very first horse, here are equine welcome gift ideas worth a check:

Hoof Pick

With a hoof pick, it would be easy to clean the horse’s hooves, especially those tough to reach areas. Whether they’re in retirement or in their heyday as Grand Prix jumpers, their hooves can be kept clean and healthy with the help of this product.


You give treats to a new horse owner as you give a new neighbor a batch of cookies. When giving treats for horses, make sure they’re all natural – carrots, apples, etc. – and stay away from anything with added sugar or wheat. You might also consider how these treats are shaped. Most of them are like three-leaf clovers though, making them easy to break apart.

Horse-Grooming Kit

When you talk about holding daily essentials, those large horse-grooming totes are indispensable. Find a bag with deep compartments, but not so deep that it’ll be inconvenient to pull out stuff. Also, that must be pockets everywhere.

Custom Wardrobe

A custom-embroidered saddle pad is among the best presents a horse owner can ever receive.

Try coordinating the saddle pad colors to the stitching that features the horse’s or the horse owner’s name. Don’t just think of the design though – fit and quality are more important.

Trendy Tack Storage

Horse tack and riding equipment are not only pricey, bu they need to be cleaned and stored property to last long. There are bridle bags with three loops for hanging halters or bridles, a satin lining which safeguards the leather, and a variety of styles to select from.

Horse Stress Ball

When horses have to move to a new home, it can be very stressful for them. A good horse gift would be an equine stress ball. An equine stress ball is something horses can play with, helping them release all that nervous energy and stay distracted from anxious behaviors. What’s great is that this toy isn’t just about mental stimulation; it can also be a nutritious snack.


Lastly, while known to only a few, quality clippers are not just for grooming, but also for equine first aid. When you buy clippers though, look for versatility. For example, there should be inbuilt options for length adjustments and comb attachments, and rechargeable battery packs should be included in the kit.