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Cigarette Smoking Can Affect Your Performance

Cigarettes are known to be bad for human health and there is a study that shows that job prospects are affected too. A smoking job seeker should consider quitting the habit, update their curriculum vitae and horn their interview proficiencies. It becomes hard for a smoker to secure a job as I will explain here below.

Jobs are not easy to come by

Non-smokers are advantaged when it comes to finding a job. It is argued that smoking has bad effects of finding work. Smokers are disadvantaged when doing an interview because they are not able to focus on the asked questions due to nicotine adaddiction Poor concentration by a smoker shows how much the cigarettes have affected them. It is hard for a smoker to make a good first notion to any employer. Further, when one is unemployed they find consolation in smoking. The above scscenarioas the same results, that smokers find it hard to get jobs.

Low Salary Remuneration

Jobs are hard to find and even harder for smokers. The salary of a smoker is lower than that of a non-smoker. This is a reason to get rid of smokers in an organization. If any firm wants to increasing their earning power the first thing to do is do away with smokers.

Higher Expenditure In A Firm

A company that has smokers incurs more monthly and affects the expenditure of non-smokers. It causes a firm to change its priorities. A smoker prefers to buy cigarettes instead of buying themselves new shoes and clothes, same on transport as well as keep themselves well kempt. Their lack of prioritizing on their well-being makes it harder for them to get jobs as no employer wants to employ an unkempt person.

When quitting smsmokinghere are choices that a smoker can attempt. Instead of smoking the c cigarette at one is used to, they can try vaping. Vaping is when one inhales and exhales the water vapor produces in a cigarette. It is preferred as it is nicotine free. The effects of vaping are less compared to normal cigarettes and not as expensive.

When vaping one does so with some e juice and it is a lot cheaper the other cigarettes. There are increased job prospects when a smoker decided to use the vaping option.

Chances of Employment are Increased

Jobs are easy to come by for a non-smoker. Practicising what to expect during an interview increases the chances of being hired. One needs to know what questions to expect and how to answer them so as to land a great jojob