What Is ISTA Testing?

People may be surprised to realize how much thought and work goes into ensuring the packages that ship all around the world arrive safely. Much of this happens long before anyone even knows that they need to send a package out. The people behind the rigorous design standards and testing protocols that concern transport packaging are called the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). Their mission is to ensure packages perform as intended to protect their packages.

Who Should Use ISTA Testing?

The short answer is anyone who wants to keep their customers happy. The only thing standing between a successful transaction and a displeased customer is the package your product is shipped in. Damaged goods cost returns, money, and lost future sales.

ISTA has set up numerous testing standards to handle nearly all packages. You can find certified ISTA testing companies and sites. These businesses will conduct a series of tests to ensure you packaging holds up for its “Transit Tested” certification program.

Often times, your product packaging can be tested at any or multiple points in the product cycle. The best way to ensure a successful business is to start planning for everything early. The earlier in the packaging design you notice any issues, the better off you will be down the road.

Get a Little Something Extra

Many of the companies that offer ISTA testing also offer a number of other services. Among these, the training workshops tend to be the most useful for business owners. Training sessions and workshops can come in a variety of sizes and topics, but knowing the ins and outs of what is safe and proper to protect your next product releases will save you time and money again and again.

It is also possible to find consulting and advice through these companies. Often times, things such as proper documentation can be a little overwhelming at first. It couldn’t hurt to speak to a professional and get off on the right foot.