What to Check on Your Car After an Accident

Recently manufactured cars have numerous features that help protect you from accidents. They tell you when someone is in the next lane or automatically hit the brakes when they sense a hard stop by other cars. In turn, this has reduced the number of accidents on the road in many states.

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable

However, no matter how technologically advanced your vehicle is, there’s always a chance of causing or being in one. When those take place, you need to run through a checklist to ensure everything is okay. The first spot on that list is for yourself. Make sure you don’t have any internal bleeding or other conditions that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Once you’ve been checked out, then you need to turn to your vehicle to see what damaged it incurred as well as its severity. Here are some things to review.

  • Does the car start normally? If not do you notice any problems with the starter engine? Or, is there a sluggishness that indicates a potential problem with the battery or alternator?
  • Are any fluids leaking inside the hood or on the ground?
  • Are your front and rear windows free of cracks or chips? Same for your side mirrors?
  • How are the vehicle’s brakes, alignment and suspension system after the accident?

The fourth item is the most important. If your brakes aren’t working, your alignment is completely off, or your suspension is broken, a good engine doesn’t matter. In the end, your vehicle won’t be able to properly handle the road. In addition, if you try to drive it, you can cause more damage to your vehicle and yourself.

How to further investigate these issues?

To further look into the damage, file a claim with your insurance agency. They will direct you to a shop like Jewel Collision. There, the claims adjuster can review your vehicle’s damage and determine if there are any problems with the handling. If so, they’ll work with you to set up a time and repair the damage so you can get back on the road in safety. suspension work lakewood co